Sunday, 8 December 2013

7 week bump

from the top

and the side
Sorry about the quality of the photos. I'm hoping to pick up a decent- but- cheap camera in the January sales, until then you are stuck with my not terribly good phone!
As you can see, she's not become substantially bigger this past week, but her bump has become a good deal more solid. She's finding it a little cumbersome working round it to groom, wash her nether regions and so on. Dare I say it's a tiny bit funny? I am so mean!
Babies are becoming more active. I've seen movement several times this week. I've yet to be able to feel a kitten whilst rubbing her belly but that can't be long away. Indigo can feel them I'm sure, several times this week I've seen her wearing a look of what I can only describe as resigned patience whilst they do the riverdance all over her internal organs.
Two and a bit weeks to go...

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