Saturday, 14 December 2013

(Nearly) 8 week bump

Oh Indigo...
poor old puss!
Yeah, she's definitely pregnant...
This past week, the major change in her has been her chest area, she's getting all bumpy and 'quilted' as the milk comes in. She's also standing very wide as the growing kittens fill all remaining space in her abdomen and she's having to balance. She's finding washing down there a bit of a burden and she can no longer sleep on her front. And she's still Velcro-cat.
Oh, and she's started making that hilarious 'oof' noise when she jumps anywhere... LOL... poor Inds!
Other than that, eat and sleep, eat and sleep and occasionally (attempt to) wash, that's Indigo's days in a nutshell! She was a bit moody in the week, and I was worried because I note on my chart from 2010 'Relationship with Ava and Sofia completely broken down' at this stage. Fortunately there seems to be peace again now.
All the same, she's due for her pre birth nail clip shortly because as soon as she has those kittens she will turn into a raging hellbeast given the opportunity and protect them at all costs from any perceived threats, like all good Mama cats. Of course, according to Indigo, threats include ALL the other cats, although Theo she usually accepts after 24-48 hours. The cats will of course be separated, but Sofia can be a bit of a tease and will likely wind Indigo up... unfortunately Indigo is more than likely to then go after Ava, who is likely to get hurt in the tussle. Less likely with clipped claws, though! Inds will calm down after a week or so, and all will be well but while the babies are very very new, it's best to keep everyone apart.
Edited to add.... yeah, bit of attitude this morning from Miss Inds... she peed on her bed. Right in front of me. Bed is now in the wash, and Miss Contrary is FURIOUS that she now doesn't have a soft bed to sleep on. Lots of huffy looks and sighs in my direction all day. For heaven's sake... YOU peed on it, Indigo!!!!!!

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