Tuesday, 3 December 2013


It's amazing how cuddly my moggy girls get in the chilly weather. I love it when they snuggle up together, they aren't prone to it being rather more aloof than Indigo and Theo, but occasionally let their guard down.

This bed is by the window, on top of three plastic tubs, right by the radiator. It's usually occupied by someone, (usually Ava) but Sofia has discovered two someones will also fit.

Indigo is very well. I've been talking to a prospective kitten family today and it's really brought home to me how much I am looking forward to this litter. I love all my kittens, I love them dearly, but they are only mine for a little while, usually. But one of this litter really will be mine, she'll be staying, and... yes well. Lets just say I am ridiculously excited about it.


  1. Fingers crossed they're not all boys then!

  2. That would just be typical, wouldn't it?