Friday, 20 December 2013


If there's been a lot of  'Indigo in the desk cat bed' shots of late, it's because that's where she spends pretty much all of her day. She's sleeping... sort of. Trying to anyway, which isn't so easy with goodness knows how many hooligans cavorting around on your insides.

When she gets to this stage, she wants to spend most of her time near me, and gets anxious if I go out for too long. So I try not to. After the weekend I won't be going out at all, not until the kittens are here, and I'll be sleeping in the living room with her as well. Fortunately the sofa is pretty comfy, and I can nap during the day if I'm sleepy.

I'm not a great TV watcher, but I always end up channel hopping a lot in the last few days of Indigo's pregnancies. Or reading. Indigo prefers to be on my lap, which pretty much ties me down to one spot. This year will be good as I'll have lots of Christmas telly to amuse myself with.

Lots of waiting around, anyway, wielding the remote. Best get myself a Radio Times.

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