Sunday, 1 December 2013

6 week bump

Yeah. So, you know I told Indigo that I was putting in an order for four kittens this time? Four, a nice litter size, not too taxing on Mama (or me, for that matter), just a nice, average family.
Well, I don't think she was listening...
See what I mean? And she's still got THREE AND A BIT WEEKS TO GO!!!!!!!!! That is a six week bump. She looks like she's about ready to pop!
Top view. Bit blurry, but you can see her body looks like a furry rugby ball.

Aaaaand from underneath. Oh dear oh dear.
I said she'd grown, and I wasn't kidding! She's heavier too, she sent my leg to sleep earlier, just sitting on it, terrible pins and needles.
It is some small comfort to remember she was several pounds overweight when I took her to stud: it may yet transpire that she's 'more fat than cat'  to borrow a phrase (see the Rameses website for the original!) and she'll surprise me by popping out two babies only... but I don't think so.
Oh well. Good thing I like kittens then isn't it :)

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