Thursday, 26 December 2013


All seven with Mama
sleepy baby
and another one!
Mama and babies all continue to do well. They all have fat little bellies, are vigorous and healthy and are putting on weight at a reasonable rate. They are quite small kittens- the larger the litter the smaller the kittens as a general rule- and all weighed between 80 and 90g at birth except for Little Scrap who was 72g. Most of them, all but Little Scrap, have topped 100g at today's weigh in, and some are in the teens so that isn't bad going  considering the size of their tummies.
I have read that kittens under 80g mostly don't live... Little Scrap is the lightest kitten we've had, and I've been keeping a special eye on him, but he seems just like the others so...? I wonder if that is because a kitten that light is often premature, whereas these guys were full term, there were just lots of them. After all, poor Inds was carrying almost 700g of collective kitten, plus goodness knows how much in placenta, fluid and so on. 
I'm not totally sure of the genders, but we do seem to have a lot of girls this time! Plenty of time for the sex change fairy to visit, but last night my reckoning was 5 girls and 2 boys, and the kitten that didn't make it was a girl, poor little thing, it was easy to tell with her as she didn't move a lot. When I looked this morning I thought there was another boy though... so I'm still not sure about this one!
Little Scrap with the kinked tail(must get a pic, it really is adorably silly!) is VERY obviously a boy although now I've said that... lol! I've had a lot of interest for these kittens but mainly for the boys... so I'm hoping people aren't necessarily dead set on a boy or they might just be disappointed this time!
It's too soon to tell which will be minks and which solids, but there do seem to be three kittens who seem a shade lighter than the others- poorly baby was, as well. I don't know if this is pure chance, or if the blondies will turn out to be the minks, it will be interesting to see. They have a half and half chance of being either you see, so I wonder. It is the tiniest difference, in a mixed litter with just one choc alongside other colours, you'd never be able to tell if it was one or the other.
Awww, off to pet Indigo and stroke a few velvety heads! 

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