Saturday, 21 December 2013

9 week bump

Yeah, she does have a head, but whenever I tried to take a pic, she turned away. Anyway, what you can see in this pic is that her bump has now 'dropped'- ie the babies lowest down have engaged in the pelvic cavity and the others are all sort of lined up, low down, ready for birth. With the REM's she didn't drop until the day of the birth, but the last litter happened a few days before so we're right on schedule.

You can see it here too, the back now has (slightly!) more definition and you can see (just) that the belly splays out lower down. She's walking a bit like John Wayne as well, with her hips at an angle. Poor Inds!
Of course this means there's little room in the bladder, so she's peeing lots, and not necessarily where she ought to be, either. Hmm. She was the same last year so I'm not worried but it's a good thing I am having a washing day today eh?

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