Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Hello, Goodbye

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

A.A. Milne/ Winnie the Pooh
Sorry to not have updated earlier, but have been super busy. Yesterday evening, Indigo had a whopping eight kittens after a previous false start (all) the night before. Seven are healthy and thriving, as is Mama, for which I am very thankful. All smallish, between 80 and 90g except one little scrap at 71g, but eight is a lot of space to find room for, after all! Little Scrap has a kink at the very end of its tail too, it looks ever so silly!
Sadly the second born of the litter, a little girl, was put to sleep this morning. She didn't breathe at birth and had to be revived, but never really picked up. He lungs were failing and breathing was an effort for her, her heartbeat was slow, she was cold, floppy and she couldn't feed. Poor baby.
Mama is fine. With seven others she has her paws well and truly full. And she knew. She hadn't rejected the kitten, and would lick it occasionally, but didn't show any anxiety when I handled it, in the way she does for the others.
I've been lucky so far, but I knew we'd lose a kitten one day. Now we have. This breeding business is bittersweet indeed.
But the other seven are most comforting. They've all put on weight in the first few hours and have round, milky bellies. And they are gorgeous. Look!

No idea as to boys and girls, I'm too sleep deprived to tell!!!It's not as if they stay still enough to get a proper look!
So anyway. That's our news. Merry Christmas! I'll be back in a couple of days with an update.

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