Saturday, 24 September 2011


She's a good girl really. Mere hours after I posted the last post yesterday, and conveniently before the vets closed, she decided to start howling. I was able to ring and make an appointment for lunchtime for her tests, and we'll be going off to stud tomorrow.

She's fine, in good health, a little portly but we knew that already. More importantly though, the SNAP test showed she is FeLV and FIV free, and can therefore be taken to stud. The studs are tested regularly too, and seeing as queens are indoor cats usually, and studs always, (well outdoors secure heated pens, anyway...) the risk of infection is low. I've never heard of a case, in fact.

Poor Indigo, the vets was a little traumatic for her. Several emergency cases had come in and so the wait for her appointment was rather long, with a waiting room full of stressed people, barking dogs and so on. I'd popped a towel in her carrier for her to snuggle on but she had got so scared she'd burrowed right under it, well it's muggy today and I had to keep checking her to make sure she wasn't overheating. Then the poor vet couldn't find a vein, so she had to have a patch on her neck shaved, and... well all in all it was a bit stressful for the poor thing.

By the time we got home she hadn't called for several hours, and she didn''t call for another hour or two after that. Stress can cause a cat to come out of call, so I decided not to push my luck and drive to the stud today- it's a longish drive anyway and time was ticking on. She's called again since we came home so that's OK. Tomorrow will still be within 48 hours of her starting to call, and that's plenty of time.

It's all rather exciting, really!

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