Thursday, 15 September 2011

Oh Indigo!!!

Inds honey...

You know he's neutered, right???

Yesterday I nearly cried laughing at some of Indigo's antics. Having ignored Theo's half hearted 'advances' all week she clearly decided that he was the closest she was going to get so some action and decided to work all her womanly wiles on him.

Oh my goodness...

She writhed and moaned and presented her rear end and rolled about in an utterly wanton manner again and again and again to the bewilderment of poor Theo, who bore being followed and pestered like a gentleman but nevertheless spent a good deal of yesterday hiding in the teenager's room! Oh, she was terrible, she even followed him into the litter box (she got a smack for that- not from me, I mean, from Theo!)

In short, she behaved like an absolute hussy from dawn to dusk! She yowled herself nearly hoarse (she's very croaky today) and the amount of rolling about she was doing I'm surprised she doesn't have friction burn.

But today, she seems to be coming out of call. Less howling, lots of eating (she's not eaten much at all whilst on heat, which is fairly normal) and she's spent a lot of time today needing to be cuddled and reassured. It's a tough old life you know... these heat cycles do take it out of a female cat. Poor old Indigo. Never mind puss, babies soon with any luck!

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