Monday, 26 September 2011


I took Indigo to stud yesterday. He seemed to be pretty interested in her, sniffing at the carrier, and she didn't hiss at him or anything, which with Indigo is a good sign! I am therefore hopeful! I should know if the mating has been successful in 3-4 weeks.

With Indigo gone, peace has descended on the house. Not only is it blissfully quiet, without Indigo screaming for a mate, but the doors can all be left open without fighting, Theo can use the litter box unmolested and there's no kitty bad language in ther corridoors.

Ava and Sofia have reacted totally differently to Indigo's absence. Sofia has spent all day in the living room, rubbing all over the surfaces in a way that will get me into trouble with Indigo next week as she re-marks... but Ava so far hasn't dared to come into 'Indigo's' room.

Sofia has spent much of today, when not rubbing her head everywhere, sitting at the top of my computer chair, purring, which has helped actually, Indigo is such a loving cat that I'm bound to miss her a lot, but a purring Sofie is really very pleasant too. I suppose I should have kept the cats quarters totally seperate as usual, but I couldn't resist the chance to let the cats go where they like for once. A holiday for them, if you will. After all, Indigo will be enjoying herself...!

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