Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Alfie's Sister

As promised, a quick update on Alfie, who now has a sister, Paloma, a Bengal. Paloma is a little bit older than Alfie but lots smaller, as Alfie seems to have turned into a big powerful mancat somewhere along the lines... I stil think of him as a kitten, but he isn't of course!

Alfie and Paloma's family say the first few weeks were really difficult- Alfie was fine but Paloma was seriously aggressive, but she's coming round nicely now and they play together, groom each other, and Alfie, whilst still ultra cuddly and affectionate, isn't 'needy' in the same way. I know exactly what they mean!

I'm a big believer that cats need feline company, and it's not so that I can persuade people to take a sibling pair! It really does make for happier, healthier cats. So I'm thrilled that Alfie and Paloma are rapidly becoming best buddies :)

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  1. Bengal Cats can be a bit of a handful! They are VERY territorial! Hope Paloma doesn't give Alfie too much of a hard time.