Monday, 5 September 2011

Jacob and Jonah Go On Holiday

To Grandma's, where they had a lovely time! And very cleverly sent me their own letter/ progress report hehe.

Unfortunately, I am not nearly so clever, and can't work out how to take the pictures off the letter and get them on here... so you will just have to imagine...

Two very handsome boys, one dark, the other paler, but obviously a pair. One sleek and lithe, the other bigger and more muscular... and perhaps with a very slight tummy, eh Jonah? Your Mama is the same!

Two lads looking calm and contented together in their carrier, roaming around the house mischeviously, playing, sun-soaking, bird watching and bed snuggling. And finally home after a lovely week.

Sounds like a great holiday eh? Thanks for the update boys!

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  1. Have you tried right clicking over the picture and then either copy and paste or save as?
    J x