Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Good News... And Bad News.

Well, Indigo is getting on very well with her stud. No matings have been seen, but potential matings have been heard, which is precisely what happened last year. She has a couple more days there anyway, so if they haven't mated yet, there's still plenty of time. Regardless, she seems perfectly happy there so that's the main thing.

The less good news is that one of the breeder's cats gave birth Tuesday, and sadly one of the kittens didn't make it. It got stuck in the birth canal and was stillborn. It's brought back to me how precarious and fragile this breeding thing is. My sincere condolences.

I haven't lost a kitten yet, having only bred the one litter, but it's fairly inevitable it will happen one day. I know I will be very upset when it does, and I don't suppose it gets any easier the more times it happens, even with experienced and regular breeders. Indigo's litter had a stillborn sibling in it, and the experience was so upsetting it was part of the reason her breeders decided not to breed again.

However the rest of the litter are doing well. Healthy kittens are a joy and a delight, and the best salve for the loss of their sibling, I suspect. Hopefully I shall be able to have a peek at them when I collect Indigo, if Mama cat will let me. I love them at the fat squirming sausage stage. Well, I love them at all stages, let's be honest!

Just a couple of days now till Inds comes home...

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