Tuesday, 13 September 2011


... well actually, my excuse for their being no photos. That being when I went to upload some earlier, I noticed Indigo had peed on the cable... right at the end of the cable too, so I dare not just clean it off and hope for the best, it might ruin my camera! So I've sent off for another one.

And that, my friends, sets the tone for the week we're having. Wee everywhere, including practically on my lap the other day which I was NOT happy about, plus the clean washing twice, and the noise as well, dear God! Still, this is day 5 now, so she should stop yowling very soon. Aaaahhhhh...

Of course it won't be long till she starts again, but I've spoken to the stud's owner, and we've made our arrangements... so she'll be yowling somewhere a couple of counties away. Even Indigo isn't THAT loud.

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