Monday, 18 November 2013

Not Quite Herself

(excuse the dodgy lighting. My cat hasn't really gone yellow...)

Poor Indigo is feeling a bit queasy, a bit bad tempered and oh so tired. Today has been spent napping in the cat cubby, napping on my bed, napping IN my bed and napping on the computer desk.

Inbetween naps there have been regular trips to poke her nose into the food bowl. Well, she has to keep her strength up. I don't know how many she'll have, obviously, but with previous litters of six and seven, I'd be willing to bet it won't be a small litter. Although she's nearly five now, practically middle aged for a cat, and her litter size should decrease with age apparently. Four or five kittens would be a nice number, yes? Goodness knows I loved my Von Trapps, but seven kittens was a LOT. I'm putting my order in, Inds, Ok? Five kittens max?

Awww Indigo. Never mind, honey. Only another five weeks to go.

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