Friday, 1 November 2013

Long, long, long!

Glaring at Sofia
Good evening :)

Once again, I apologise for the absence. Once Indigo's kittens are here, indeed in the run up,  I will get back to daily posting, but things have rather gotten in the way this week. Long time since I posted, and a long post as a result!

So. Kitten news. Having now done this several times before, certain aspects of her demeanour at the moment spark off memories, sort of 'didn't she do this last time?' moments. I spent some time the other day transferring my notes from her previous two pregnancies onto a chart, (yes, more scintillating cat-geekery!) so I can compare at a glance.

So when she started gagging the other evening, I could look on my chart and see yes, actually with the REM litter it was this far in (to the day!) when she was sick. Less obvious signs too- Indigo has been very noisy in the past few days but I see that this was the case in previous pregnancies too, something I had forgotten about. She's sleepy, and a little crotchety, and very cuddly, and bad tempered with the other girls. It will be another week or two before I know if Indigo's stud visit was successful, but the early signs are good.

It was also interesting to see exactly when the girls' relationship broke down. It hadn't been good for a while, but I had forgotten that it was actually a result of Indigo's allergy, which reared it's head when she was expecting the REM's. Of course, we had no idea what it was and it did look as though it could be ringworm. I kept her away from the others, and by the time we'd had the all clear several weeks later the damage had been done. They were still separated nearly two years later. Madness.

Funny the things you forget. They are reintegrated now, of course, but I will be watching them all closely!

Theo's tummy, touch wood, seems a little more settled of late. What a relief! I'll write more about this soon.

I've had a few people interested in kittens of late... obviously we (probably!) have some on the way but I happen to know there's a litter just been born and another due at Rameses, and one due in a few weeks at Tonkadello. All Louis's kittens!

Now an appeal. The cattery Tonkadello, in Kent, have a beautiful, affectionate ladycat who needs a home. This kitty has already been homed, but sadly lost that home after a year because she developed a weeing on the bed habit. SHE IS GORGEOUS.... honestly she's such a pretty cat, curious and friendly. My son and I met her when we went to collect  Inds, and she was happy to be petted, and was purry and talkative. She is adjusting slowly to a house full of cats and kittens again, but really she needs her own home, one where the family are willing to accommodate her by restricting bedroom access. In fact, there's every possibility that in a new environment she won't have an issue at all- it's not unheard of.

If anyone can offer this lovely girl a home, do please contact the folks at Tonkadello.

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  1. Is this the Tonkadello near Bromley? I nearly got a kitten from them. I would gladly rehome the little lady but for 3 things. Nimbus would get the hump, Dom might bully her, and it wouldn't be fair to restrict her access to the bedroom while letting the boys in. Although they do get chucked out when they start playing about in the middle of the night when I am trying to sleep!
    Mojo would love another Tonk of course.. though there might be some jealousy I bet they would play well together and cuddle up.