Monday, 4 November 2013


Now I don't know if it's me imagining things, but Miss Indigo has become very territorial over the cubby hole in the cat tree. I'm just recording it for information's sake, future reference if you will, because it's interesting. Could it be a mild nesting instinct, an early recce round the house to find possible places? If she is pregnant, she's only two weeks. Her last litter she only started nesting after around seven weeks, with the REM's it was just in the last few days.

Of course, since the last litter, it's all changed round here, the rooms have been switched. So she can't just rely on what she did before. Perhaps that is causing her current speculation. Anyway, it's interesting to me. Although if she thinks she's having them in the cat tree she's in for a disappointment!!!

For my part, I have been eyeing up the Snowsilk kittening cubes, as I do every year. Oh, they are just amazing! Easy to clean, store nice and flat, and being a bit odd like that I find them very aesthetically pleasing as well, but oh my goodness, the cost! I'd have a dog one, not needing a lid (I don't like to confine Mama at all, just the babies while they are new and delicate) and an extension... 24inches or more... what's that you say? £400 plus quid? Well let me just fetch my credit card then cough cough I don't think!

No, I'm afraid my cattery is much more of a... budget enterprise, shall we say? My babies get an underbed storage trug, a rabbit run and the teenager's old Winnie The Pooh baby blankets in which to spend their first few weeks! But they get lots of love, and that's the main thing!

Hmm... must sort out my kittening supplies before too long. Given that it's been two years I expect there'll be quite a lot of things needing replacing/ topping up. Reckon I'll be needing the credit card then!

Oh well. Perhaps one day!

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