Friday, 15 November 2013

And the verdict is...

Pink and prominent = pregnant!


Although Indigo has been showing signs of pregnancy for a while now, the most obvious one is what is known as 'pinking up'- essentially when a mama cat's nipples become a darker pink and slightly swollen around the third or fourth week of pregnancy. I've been waiting for it to happen and it has! Yay, babies!!!

Not wanting to jinx things either, but she's been super healthy this time around with none of the issues that bothered her this time two years ago. Even the 'morning' sickness she's prone to has, so far, been limited to some minor gagging. Generally in the evening! According to my records that ought to be coming to an end soon anyway

She's also lost her 'waist'. With the previous litters she's had a very gentle rounding by this stage, it's harder to tell this time because she was fairly well rounded to start with (that belly is not baby, its Mama!!) but she has lost a little definition low down. She's hungry and tired too, and super cuddly, so it does look as though all is progressing as it should.

Hurrah! We're having kittens!

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