Wednesday, 27 November 2013

5 week bump!

 Shall we have bump photos this year? I think so!

Top view- nothing to write home about.

Side view is a little more like it!
These were taken at the weekend, and already she's grown a bit more.
Inds seems to be feeling good. Morning sickness is a thing of the past, and actually, whilst she's gagged a fair bit over the past few weeks she hasn't actually been sick at all, and no other issues. Compare that to last time (as I do, on my ultra geeky pregnancy spreadsheet hehe) when she'd already been to the vet what? three times by now? I'm glad she's having a better time this time, another go like the last one and I don't think I could put her through it again.
I'll try and get pics every week. Four weeks to go! It's all very exciting.

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