Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Central Heating

So, when (if!) the kittens come, especially when they are small the house will have to be kept really quite warm. Newborn kittens can easily chill, and this can kill them.

Heating is expensive though, isn't it! I've been watching the price rises on heating with some alarm. I feel the cold badly (soft Southerner), and the boy's bedroom gets very chilly due to the air bricks (for the damp) so we tend to use a lot of heat one way or another. We're having to be a bit creative about it, in the run up to kittens. The days of turning on the heating in October, and leaving it on till May rolls around are sadly long gone! I've discovered if you give the house a blast of heat at around eight in the evening, then turn it off, it stays warm enough (with the addition of jumpers and extra socks under the slippers!) until bedtime.

None of this is at all relevant to this blog of course, except to explain the above picture. Indigo and Theo have been spending much of their time snuggled up together, sharing the warmth. It's quite sweet, especially as they periodically wake up, indulge in some mutual grooming, then settle back for another sleep. Theo's tried to snuggle with the other girls too, but they are much warier about their personal space.Their winter coats have all come in now, even very shorthaired Indigo is looking decidedly fluffier and they are all appreciating the extra layer.

At night, the three well behaved mogs sleep on my bed, and seem nice and cozy. Indigo is in the living room of course, but she has a cat cubby and she's fairly well..... layered, shall we say? I'm not worried about her getting cold. Besides which, Indigo would let me know ALLLLLLL about it if she were chilly. She's not backwards in coming forwards, that one.

Once the big day approaches, the heating will go on properly and we'll all enjoy the warmth but until then we're fluffing our fur and snuggling up together. It's actually rather nice. Stay warm!!

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