Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Princess And The Pee

Ah, these towels have clearly been left here for me...

I always feel slightly alarmed when Indigo settles down on a pile of towels like this.  Firstly because she might decide to widdle on it, and secondly because I've clearly left a pile of towels accessible... she might have already done so!

Madam, I don't like what you are implying!

But I was Ok, this time she didn't, and I got the towels into the cupboard later with no further mishap. I couldn't resist the post title though, sorry... the stacked towels made me think of the many mattresses in the old fable. She looks like she's just detected a pea too doesn't she? I love how cats can look so outraged hehe.

Inds finds piles of towels, cushions and pillows a bit of an irresistable widdle-magnet I'm afraid. So 'her' room is set up to make things easier (for me) and to minimise damage. I recently changed our sofa to a wipe clean fake-leather affair and we have laminate flooring. She still widdles from time to time on her fleeces, or a blanket, or a pile of towels I've carelessly left on the table (ahem!) but thats easy to throw in the machine on a hot wash.

Its funny how cats change our space- I'm hoping to change our hall carpet soon. I got it pre cats, and it wasn't an especially expensive one then, it's a hall carpet so has seen heavy traffic. In addition, Indigo, Ava and Sofia all sharpen their claws on it, and what with Theo's incessant puking (which he doesn't do any more- odd), spraying and the ministrations of multiple kittens, it really has seen better days. Will I be getting another carpet? Not on your nelly- it will be a nice serviceable, WASHABLE lino!!!

Cats eh? Who'd have 'em? (me, me, me!)


  1. I'd better not laugh in case one of my boys reads this and gets ideas!

    Miss Inds certainly looks regal up there!

  2. Hmmm mm like mother like son!! Although Bailey has improved. Never say never. Doors remain shut!

    1. True, but Inds never started so young... and she's generally only a pest when she's going into heat. Am still crossing my fingers that Bailey will calm down even more once he's had his baubles chopped off... hey, I'm an optimist!

      When does Dillon come home?

  3. Saturday should be interesting!