Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Giving me cattitude

Sorry Inds... wasn't me who turned the sun off again!

Bailey has a little brother! M's new little chocolate mink boy Dylan was finally old enough to come home. Apparently he- Bailey- hasn't been too thrilled about it and has been hissing up a storm but that's lessening now and there's even been some positive interaction going on now. I have no doubt they will be best friends before too long.

I am jealous of these chocolate mink kittens... oh for a bigger house! I would love a chocolate cat. One day!


  1. When they stop chasing each other around the house. I will send you a picture!! Bailey lends a meow to all. Why am I awake at this time the alarm has gone off scared me to death!!

  2. You can have mine!

    Only kidding.. but he is being a destructive little whirlwind at the moment, think The Tazmanian Devil. The sun makes all mine a bit crazy, some sort of Spring Fever, and when its cold and grey they want cuddles.. then I forgive them.