Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Awww look, its Bailey and his new brother Dylan. And they are snuggling! What a lovely pair they make don't they?

Now I know, I know, kittens grow into cats, but I still think of Bailey as a diddy little thing. Even so, WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HIM NOW???? LOL his back foot is bigger than Dylan's entire head!

I'm sorry its been a week since I posted, the good weather  and a couple of weeks off work has caused a flurry of activity down at the allotment and a flurry of non activity here as the cats soak up some sunbeams and generally move as little as possible. What a life eh?


  1. He is so heavy too. They have both been soaking up the sun today and very sleepy which is a bonus. Pity they are both wide awake at 4am causing havoc!

  2. Wow Bailey is REALLY brown!! I so wanted a Brown when I got Mojo, Al was this colour. But I wouldn't swap Mojo for anything, he's such a snugglebug. Shame the in-laws and neighbours dont like him but anything Siamesey gets a bad rep to those ignorant of such things. I dont think it helped that Father-in-Law got a Siamese and was antique restoring at home and didn't realise how much they want to "help"!
    That's not exclusively a Siamese (or Tonk) trait, our Mogs do it too, but I think the fact they look so different to other cats makes them stand out.
    One day I will get a Brown. I will keep watching the breeders websites and your blog and put the word around. It wont be for a while yet though as I have enough kitten/young cat mayhem round here (black and white mog found some wet paint to rub up this morning, no idea where from!!)

    1. He's gorgeous isn't he, he looks like a puddle of milk chocolate! Completely edible!

      Oops to the paint, how odd!