Saturday, 5 May 2012

By The Way, Kittens...

It's nearly time for your 'special visit' to the vet!

I know Mr Sulley has already lost a couple of ounces (hee!)


  1. and it hasnt bothered him in the slightest


  2. Ha I'm thinking of taking Mojo in early.. the playfighting is starting to turn more serious, the ears are going back, the growling has started, and the "bumblebees" are definatley getting big!

  3. In the US they routinely neuter early. I wonder if it will become common over here?

  4. I wouldn't be comfortable with it. I've had rescue kittens that I've fostered who have been done early and they say it can make them shy and more liable to hiding. I personally dont agree with doing it any earlier than 13 weeks, some places in the US do it as early as 6 1/2 weeks! How on earth do they even find them at that age??

    1. Six weeks!!!!!???? My goodness, no! I totally agree, far too early, I was thinking about the breeders who neuter just before the kittens leave, at 12 weeks. Even that is too early IMO.

      Six weeks is awful, why they are barely weaned and far too young to leave Mama, not to mention the risk of anaesthesia.

      Plus as you say, and I know from my own experience, it's such a crucial stage emotionally. I would hate it if one of 'my' kittens was fearful of me, kittens should be learning to love people at that stage, not be scared of them :( Later on, they have such a solid person-bond anyway that neutering doesn't affect it, they still love you although a day or two of grumpiness isn't unheard of!