Thursday, 8 January 2015


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They here yet?

Miranda and Nicholas had a visit from their new people earlier on, which they enjoyed a lot. They are a pretty athletic pair, and showed off their skills with the feather stick, spinny wheel, toy mice and of course S's dangly necklace! Lots of fun was had all round, in fact I even forgot to offer tea and coffee. So sorry B and S!

This weekend they will be getting a Broadline treatment which my vet highly recommended. It's a dewormer and a flea treatment in one, and can be used after seven weeks. They mustn't lick themselves/ each other for a few hours afterwards though, so Saturday morning I shall thoroughly exhaust them running up and down the hall, give them a big meal then pounce during the after dinner nap! Indigo and Lucy will no doubt disappear when they see the treatments, but the kittens have never experienced one before so won't have an opinion either way at this stage.

Every day I let the kittens out to race up and down my lovely long hallway, and ever since then, Nicky and Ariadne have been plotting their escape from the kitten room. First they worked out that if they pushed the kitten room door  to the right, if left a hole small enough for Ari, but not Nicky to squeeze through. So I wedged that side in. Then they worked out that if they rattle the kitten door in a specific way, the latch comes undone. What a bad, clever pair! I now have things wedged up against BOTH the sides of the gate so they can't but both Ari and Nicky are very clever so I'm sure they will outsmart me before long.

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  1. It's probably very lucky for their forever families that they are not going together really!
    J x