Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pixie Girl

The other day I followed Ariadne around with my camera for a bit, trying to get a decent shot of her. As I may have mentioned before, our Ari is a busy girl, and doesn't have time to pose for silly pictures, thank you very much, but this time I was determined to get one.

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(excuse the dust in these pics... my bad!)

Well, you can see for yourself how that went down!

No, I'm just kidding. She looks cross but she's actually purring her head off. She likes the camera, well, she likes batting at it and chewing on the wrist strap anyway!

One of my favourite things about miss Ari is her little chin- tuft... you can see it on the picture above. It makes her look like an elf or some kind of mischievous sprite; I often call her Pixie as a nickname, or, frequently, 'Naughty Pixie'.

The other photos weren't much better...

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Not looking at you lady
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Are you still waving that box around???

Bless her!

We were back at the vet today, and there is nothing to report with Lucy. She has been given a second course of antibiotics and we're going back next week for another ultrasound to see what is going on in there. In the meantime I'm keeping her quiet (HA! She's a Tonk...) and crossing my fingers.

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