Saturday, 3 January 2015

Ariadne's Family

How does four big sister kitties and five cat- loving human slaves sound for our bright, bouncy Ariadne? Pretty good, right? Yup, Ariadne found her home today!!!

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Just throw the toy, lady, and stop with the flashy box!

(It's difficult to get good pictures of Ariadne because she is so high energy and basically has two settings, active and asleep! She was only still here because I was about to throw a kickeroo to her!)

B and I have been chatting for a while, and today was the day for visiting, quite an undertaking when there are kids to arrange for and a two and a half hour drive to make- in the pouring rain! I'm pretty sure it was worth their while though as Ari lapped up the attention and was quite happy to show off her jumping skills!

I'm really happy because with three kids and four cats (one of whom is a Tonk), not to mention a Mum and Dad who are thoroughly batty about cats themselves, there's always going to be someone for our little live wire to play with. And when she's tired, she's independent enough to take herself off for forty winks. B and her husband know all about integrating cats and to do it slowly, but honestly I don't think it will take that long. Ari is good at knowing her boundaries and I've never seen her overstep the mark with Lucy or Theo, although she interacts with them well. Desmond, on the other hand, has had many a (gentle) smack from the fluffy one for sheer impertinence, usually when pouncing on poor Theo's tail.

And that's the last one settled!


  1. Fantastic news! That was quite a journey to make, wasn't it?
    J x

  2. I know, and it was such a filthy day too, all grey and cheerless.