Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Leo gets his charm on

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Aww, Leopold. He's very photogenic! Such a winsome little face, and he often holds still for photos, unlike certain siblings I could mention (*coughmichael* *coughariadne*) I do think, now, that I've made a mistake in registering him as BCR, his body has lightened considerably while his points have gone darker, there's now quite a contrast between the point and base colour. You can see it especially on the paws. My definite BCR's don't have anything like that contrast.

Tonks are so difficult!!! Ah well, registrations can be changed. We'll wait to see what he is like as a mature cat and then have a rethink, if his Mum and Dad are bothered.

There was no post yesterday because my car broke down! Ugh, we had to be towed, in the dark and rain in rush hour traffic! I HATE being towed and by the time we had walked back from the garage I was fit for nothing! Ugh ugh ugh. I was met by a noisy little group who lost no time in telling me they were LATE FOR OUR TEA LADY WE IS HUNGRY!!! despite having lots of kibble down. Spoiled little monkeys! Ah well, I will give them lots of fuss today to make up :)

Some people have asked me what food/ litter/ etc I have used for the kittens. Food wise, I like to use a good kibble, a premium wet food and a more readily available (supermarket) wet food, so this time we have used James Wellbeloved kitten fish kibble, Grau kitten food and Whiskas kitten sachets, all varieties, and there will be samples of these in the kitten packs. They also have treats aka bribes (lol) which will be in the packs too. With the food, stick with what I give you for a few days while they settle in and then you can start changing it over to what you want them to eat, ultimately. Do this over several days- first day 1/4 new stuff to 3/4 old, day after half and half, the following day 3/4 new to 1/4 old, this should avoid any wobbly tums although occasionally the stress of the move can upset them slightly. I would say put down about 50g of wet food per kitten at each sitting, so that's half a sachet or half/ quarter of a tin of Grau depending on which size tin I give you in the packs. The rest will keep in the fridge until the next meal.

Litter wise, again I use several varieties for the same reason, don't want to kittens to get too fussy! So we have used Sanicat gold clumping(comes in cardboard boxes), Tesco premium clumping litter (which comes in a handy plastic bottle, easy to pour!) and all varieties of the Pets At Home premium range- ultra is my favourite, I don't like the scent of the scented one but it does the job, and the antibacterial is also good. These come in plastic pouches. I tend to go for the expensive varieties because of the sheer traffic my litter boxes have to deal with, I find the cheaper ones just don't cope, but you can experiment with other ranges. The kittens have all been into the adult litter boxes (silica) but I haven't seen any evidence they have used them so I would stick to clay clumping at first.

When you get the kitten(s) home, I would put them into the litter box straight from the carrier. They won't use it at first, but they will then know where it is and orient themselves from there. I never quite relax until they have had something to eat and 'gone'- they don't do either unless they are reasonably settled- so do let me know when these things have happened!

Right, off to get some more cuddles in while I can. The weekend is fast approaching... what am I going to do??

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