Sunday, 11 January 2015

Pretty Green Eyes

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I has them!!!
You sure do, Desmond.

Aren't they lovely? All the kittens' eyes are changing now, but Desmond's are the most noticeable, a gorgeous mossy green colour. Whether they will change further is anyone's guess, possibly a little more, Indigo's eyes are a pretty green-yellow, looking one or the other in different lights. The other BCR's- Michael, Leo and Ari- are changing too but Desmond has always had the most intense body colour and the eyes are similarly intense.

Miranda and Nicky's eyes are still pretty blue looking, but in certain lights I can see the aqua colouring coming through. I think Lucy's took several months to settle into the Tonk aqua she now has.

I love Tonky eyes, they are so interesting!

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