Friday, 29 April 2011


My Tonkinese Cat Club magazine arrived the other week. Well, I say 'magazine', more a 20 page booklet really, but full of interesting 'stuff'. Particularly of interest to me was an article on allergies... allergies TO cats as opposed to cats' allergies themselves, but there were some interesting bits about reducing the build up of allergens in the home and so on.

How's that for timing? Really, I couldn't quite believe it when I opened it up!

I'm guessing allergies - people allergies- are something a lot of people have to deal with. The teenager has a nut allergy and is inclined to eczema, has been since a tiny baby. Allergies are part of life now aren't they, but it is good to know there are things you can TRY at least, if they start to interfere with your life. Apparently I have asthma, although I suspect it's more that I'm just overweight and unfit- with a dusty house!

if you're interested in the Tonkinese as a breed itself, (and don't feel like you 'should' be, I don't belong to a Birman club, although I have Theo...) I really would recommend joining a breed club. It's not just for showing, although clubs do organise shows of course, they are also involved in welfare and, in the case of the Tonkinese, the future of the breed itself. There aren't a lot of Tonks about, and so breeders (the experienced ones, not beginners like me) are very aware of the need to extend the gene pool and create new bloodlines.

It only costs £6 per year to join, £8 for a joint membership, so well worth it if you are interested in keeping up with what's happening in the Tonk world :)

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