Thursday, 21 April 2011

More Mess

So I'm in the middle of a Really Good Clean-Out And Declutter at the moment, in the hopes that IF Indigo turns out to be allergic to dust I'll already be halfway towards knocking the problem on the head. I've never been bothered by a bit of dust as it happens, as my kittens' new families will know having seen my house themselves... and with four cats things to get a bit hairy at times. I'm not naturally a super- houseproud kind of person, is what I'm saying. So there's definitely room for improvement and I'm confident that IF the issue is dust (or rather, it's dust mites, not the dust itself isn't it?) then it's something we can deal with.

If this doesn't help, I'm thinking of some bigger changes.  An air filter for the living room maybe, or getting rid of the sofa and replacing it with something  less dust collecting. Probably something inexpensive, as having cats there's little point in spending huge amounts! But that's not a priority right away.

Of course you know how it is with big clean-ups... it gets worse before it gets better. I'm currently trying to tackle our monster book collection and aiming to cut it down by at least a third in the hopes of keeping the top shelf of the bookcases, where Indigo walks, dust free... which they absolutely are NOT right now! Which is why my living room right now is covered with books. Why is it so hard to get rid of books? Old favourites, childhood classics, all night long 'couldn't put it down' books... Ah well, Indigo is my princess, she's worth it :)

Not that she's at all appreciative. She's been yowling at me crossly all day for daring to disrupt the house so much!

Of course the tests will come back now and show it's not dust that's the issue... *grin*


  1. Sorry to hear about the ongoing problem with Indigo, and I know what you mean about books. I can't throw any of mine away - they are like old friends somehow. I loved your post about not sleeping and what the cats were up to. Very funny. You are a great writer by the way - you should write a book.
    Lisl (Hope!) is adorable, and has been very happy on the roof terrace with the plants on the sun and cuddling up to us. She gets more gorgeous each day (will) send you a picture too, but they still fight a bit. Boo does lick her a fair bit though, but won't let her lick him - strange.

  2. Thank you! I've gotten quite into this blogging business somehow, it's great fun :)

    And yes, old friends, that's exactly how I feel about books. The teenager isn't a great reader, and I can't help but feel he's missing out on a lot.

    Thanks for your update on Lisl and Boo, bet the cats have been loving this sunshine haven't they? Mine have been arranging themselves by the windows and soaking up the rays!