Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Ava Disapproves

Cats have a way of letting you know what they think, that's for sure!

I've got really pale skin, and what with the glorious weather we've been having lately, and my spending time at the allotment, (it being in a state of general neglect from when I had kittens here, who were far more interesting, let's face it, than digging a load of wet mud in midwinter...) I've been wearing a lot of sun cream recently.

I'd clearly not washed it off properly the other evening, because Ava, advancing for her bedtime knead and purr session on my chest, several times sniffed my arm and backed away, with a horrified expression on her face.

After a few false (and incredibly funny) starts, she got up close, and sniffed my arm all over. Clearly having decided my personal grooming was substandard, she then proceeded to lick my arm thoroughly, shooting me disgusted looks all the while as though I was little more than a grubby and troublesome kitten in need of a bath.

Well, once I'd stopped giggling and seeing she had no intention of stopping, I had to get up and wash my arm myself, as suncream is fairly noxious stuff and I didn't want her giving herself stomach issues! On my return there was a repeat of the sniffing business, but this time I apparently passed the test and Ava seemed quite happy once again.

Not every day a cat criticises your personal hygiene though! Sorry Ava- puss.

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