Monday, 11 April 2011

Nocturnally Speaking

Well, I had planned to go to the cat show but have been felled by some sort of sickness followed by several very sleepless nights instead. I much preferred the original plan, I must say!

So I can't tell you about that. It has been a good opportunity to see what my cats get up to at night though. They don't sleep a lot either, it seems!

Sofia, as expected, IS the one who opens the teenager's bedroom door at night. She also spent a considerable amount of time trying to break into the cat food cupboard, despite it being exactly the same food as in her, well filled, food bowl. She's not daft though... she doesn't try to open the living room door, there's an Indigo on the other side of that one!

Inds herself occasionally scratched the door and howled mournfully. I feel bad that she's stuck in there, but face to face with Sofia she'd yowl at the top of her very considerable voice and pee all over my bed. *sigh*. But I do feel bad.

Theo occasionally presented himself to be patted, and accompanied me on every bathroom... ah... excursion. Which was oddly comforting! He seemed a little nonplussed that I was up and about at such an ungodly hour. I'm a little nonplussed myself. Two and a half hours sleep last night- bah!

As for Ava, she's spent most of the time on or close to me. I don't know whether that's because I've been poorly, or whether she does that normally! Very sweet, though! It's certainly helped to break up the hours till morning, she's such a skittish thing normally, but lying in bed, she'll completely relax. of course if you then move the merest muscle she's off.

All three (excepting Indigo of course) spent some time running up and down the corridoors, and I think Theo spent a lot of the night in the teenager's room.

One mystery solved though... I've been finding odd bruises on my legs, with no idea where they came from. I do now. Sofia jumping on me from a great height, that's blooming well where!

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