Friday, 8 April 2011

More Alfie

I promised you more Alfie didn't I... lol sorry about that!

I can't work out how to flip the photo I have. I'm told I can't edit it because it's read only, so can't flip it, so it would seem, so I won't repost it here, but suffice to say he is doing very well.

His peeing issue has resolved itself... he's responded to a little gentle redirection there, there's no litter box avoidance, he just got confused a couple of times.

One of his new people had family round last week. They weren't really cat people, but apparently Alfie had won them round in about 15 minutes! Nice one Alfie :)

I'm hoping to get to the Essex Cat Club show this weekend! Now I'm not a big showgoer, I got to two last year and none the year before. And obviously I don't have a cat eligible for showing. But I'll let you know what it was like, if I go :)

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