Sunday, 27 March 2011

Kitten Updates

Photo C.F

Jacob and Jonah (Wendell and Monty) have been charming their extended family. They've been full of the joys, climbing, racing and generally enjoying themselves hugely. What a handsome pair they make don't they?

Photo E M

Lisl (Hope) is slowly setting down with big brother Boo. There's been a bit of hostility, but also some grooming and affection as well... so that's all very positive I feel. Apparently Lisl has pinched Boo's favourite behind the sofa warm spot, the minx!

Photo S A

Kensey and Lotti (Kensey and AnnElise) left a while after the others, but have settled down nicely. Their new home is quite large, so they are restricted to quarters at the moment. Lotti is quite happy about this arrangement, but apparently Kensey is most indignant, and makes his feelings quite clear when someone goes through a door and he isn't allowed to! Patience, Kensey, it's just for the moment!

Photo S P

This must be one of my favourite kitten pictures ever! Stunning.

Reminds me that I need to do a blog post on cats and plants though. Tulips (above) might give a kitty a tummy ache if ingested, but some flowers, like lilies are highly toxic to cats. Basically, if you suspect your mog has munched on a lily (any part of), get him to a vet immediately. Don't wait to see if he shows any symptoms of being unwell, because by then it may be too late. Lilies are my favourite flower, but I simply do not have them in the house these days... not worth it.

Hmph- that was depressing! Wasn't I supposed to be updating on the kittens???

Alfie (Kenneth) settled in well, but in the past week there's been a couple of incidents of inappropriate urination. No big deal, he's a baby and it happens, but his family and I are trying to work out how to fix whatever it is that's bothering him. Otherwise he's a happy chappie though, and most adorable :)

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