Thursday, 31 March 2011

Chew Chew

Kensey has been a baaaaaad boy this week it seems, having chewed his way through the wires of a clock and a clock radio. So I thought a blog entry was in order, in case anyone else was having issues.

Kittens lose their kitten teeth and get their adult ones somewhere between 3 and 6 months, so if your kitten suddenly becomes very chewy or bitey, this is probably why. It's a phase, they all go through it, but it can be rather annoying if they decide to chew on things that they shouldn't.

For some reason, chewing on wool gives the gums a bit of relief, but this habit is hard to break once established. Tonkinese are notorious wool chewers. Indie doesn't, but my Birman Theo does and he is a complete pain in the butt about it too, having chewed up both my new jumpers already this year. It's like an addiction with him, nothing is safe, not even in a drawer or wardrobe. So avoid letting your kitty pick up this habit if you can help it. I literally can't have anything wooly in the house because Theo will shred it within days.

You can buy chewy toys for kittens if their teeth are bothering them. Corrugated cardboard boxes also seem to be satisfying to chew on (and hide in, and jump on) Indigo still likes a box to chomp on even now! You might also find your kitty favours the dry food for a while, the crunchiness is soothing to the gums.

Obviously, if your kitten decides to chew on wires, this is an issue you will need to address because one, it's blooming annoying when you keep having to repair appliances, and two, more importantly,it's dangerous. Your kitten could get an electric shock,  or a frayed, chewed wire could shock you or start a fire. So it's worth addressing this as soon as the behaviour starts! You can buy cable protectors that enclose all wires, and I'm sure I read somewhere you can get these impregnated with citrus which is really offputting to cats. You can also get bitter apple spray- apply this to your cables- power off, just in case!!-  it tastes and smells absolutely FOUL to kitties... they soon get the message. I've got some of this and it works a treat!

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  1. Both my boys did this. The Bengal cross went off wires and now likes chewing cardboard boxes and fake fur and makes a terrible mess, bits everywhere, its like having a pet rat! Luckily he doesn't smallow it. Little Dom, the moggy, likes wires, but is learning. I tried the Green Apple spray and another repellent spray, but they are determined little buggers and it had mixed results... Someone suggested Chili or Mustard.. I think that's a bit harsh!! When I get my Tonk (soon I hope!) I'll hopefully have some idea what to do. Meanwhile I'll leave plenty of alternative chewy things around. Thanks for the warning about woolly jumpers!
    Love this blog. Most informative.