Saturday, 28 June 2014

Oh dear!

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Someone got out of bed the wrong side...
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Anything you want to talk about, Lucy?

The Narnia litter are six months old! Lucy is definitely showing some teenage sass these days. She's getting a fair few growls from the older cats at the moment mainly due to her habit of prancing up and bopping them on the nose! Indigo has practically done feeding her now, as she can never be sure whether presenting her tummy will cause Lucy to snuggle in or attack! No self respecting Mama would put up with that, so when Lucy snuffles about wanting milk, more often than not she'll get a smack on the nose.

She's still super cuddly though and spends lots of time snuggling with the older cats and with her humans, her favourite place is at the top of the cat tree and she's shown interest in going outside... so I may well end up with another cat who goes for 'walkies'! She sees Theo going out every day and she's curious, more curious than any of the others. So we'll see.

It's about this time I start to think about our next breeding, and with Theo doing so well now I've started to think it might be a reality this year. Indigo will be ready by the autumn, and I'm considering sending her back to Louis (Lucy's dad) as the chocolates simply enchanted me. Lucy- well it seems insane to be considering Lucy, she's still such a baby! Ideally I'd like to wait till Lucy is at least a year old before mating her (so she'd be 15 months or more before her first litter) and not put her on the Ovarid till after her first litter but it very much depends on when she starts calling. She could start any time now and I can't keep her calling for six or more months. Apart from the fact that it is not at all good for them, I suspect my relationship with the neighbours might go downhill a bit *grin*

So I'm crossing my fingers she isn't going to be an early developer. You can be as sassy and teenager as you like, Lucy, but no howling for a boyfriend yet y'hear me??


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