Tuesday, 3 June 2014



Goodness, it's been a while. Course is now finished and I am off now till September, which in reality means ploughing through at least some of the 12+ texts I need to study next year to get a bit of a head start. I've also been putting in a good deal of time at the allotment. It is now starting to resemble an allotment again, rather than a jungle. Gardening is a damn job, I tell you, especially when your allotment neighbours consistently win best plot and things in the yearly competition. I always feel I have to be apologising for dragging down the neighbourhood!

So, the mogs...

Littlest and most impatient first! Lucy-Lu. Oh my goodness we love this kitten. She has completely changed the dynamic of our cat-family. Watch this clip...

Yup, that is all five cats, all in the same room, and no-one is intimidating, swearing at or otherwise behaving antisocially towards anyone else, although the look Inds is giving Sofia is, I admit, rather unsisterly. Even scaredy cat Ava has joined the family (albeit under the table on a dining chair) and as for Sofia she's rolling around and exposing her tummy barely a metre away from Indigo's perch. It's really quite fascinating to watch them becoming a community, and it wouldn't have progressed to this level without Lucy.

Of course, Lucy is 5 1/2 months now, and soon she will be hitting kitty adolescence, which might rock our worlds a little bit... we'll have to wait and see if the peace lasts! For the moment though, she's just a little girl and everything is new and exciting. I can't do anything without a little cream and chocolate head poking its way in and 'helping'. Today it was podding broad beans, and of course every pod had to be inspected and sniffed. I can report that Lucy found whilst the empty pods made excellent toys, they really didn't taste so nice.

Theo... oh Theo puzzles me, he's been sick an awful lot this week, most days at least once, but he's also put on a bit of weight. I think he's OK, he's getting lots of hairballs and knots so I guess he's shedding which he usually does earlier in the spring, around March, but perhaps everything is late for him this year because of his illness? That would account for some of the little gifts he keeps leaving about.

The three girls are fine. Indigo is still completely involved in her mummy role, but she has been coming for more cuddles recently. Usually though, she just gets settled and Lucy comes and jumps on her, so she gets up again and the moment is lost. Ava and Sofia have definitely benefitted from Indigo being occupied and are using the whole house now rather than having strictly defined territories. They are both canny things though, waiting till the others are asleep to get some undivided attention, which they love.

Anyway that's us. I'll try and get another post up this weekend. No excuse now I'm officially on  a break... now where are those books???

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