Monday, 9 June 2014


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Lucy is currently tipping the scales at 3.25 kg, that's just over 7lbs, the same weight as Ava despite being significantly smaller. She's only 5.5 months, and looks it, plenty of growing still to do. Tonks are often rather solid cats with a dense musculature which can mean they weigh more than they look like they ought to. Ava on the other hand has always been a skinny Minnie. Funny how different they are!

In other news, Theo has hit 4kg! 4.12 kg to be precise. Whooooooooo!!!! For new readers, my boy has inflammatory bowel disease and was very poorly indeed the first months of this year. He lost a LOT of weight and was just skin and bone. Ideally he needs to put on another half a kilo to be back to where he was, which is pretty much spot on for his size, but he went down to about 3.3 of them. Scary.

He's now low-normal for his size, so even if he levels out here it's fine, but I'd love it if he got back to nearer where he was before his illness kicked in badly.

The vet has said we can try to introduce a wet food into his special diet. We've decided on a totally novel protein, so Theo has just scoffed his first can of VENISON prescription cat food, the spoiled mog. Of course, it's hideously expensive *rolls eyes* but y'know. He was so happy, he loves his wet food and it's been six months or so since he had any and then it was just plain chicken for several months before that. If he's happy, I'm happy, I'm just so thankful that he's alive.

OMG, I have just realised that little Lucy, now, weighs just about the same as Theo at his most poorly... Lucy is about half the size of Theo. Just shows how poorly he was, I guess.

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