Sunday, 10 August 2014

Still here

... but having more problems with pictures. Ho hum.

We are all fine. I would like to say super busy, and that's why I haven't been blogging, but that wouldn't be true. Lazy is more like it! I passed my course with a really pleasing mark, and since then have been in a state of total lethargy lol... really it isn't good enough.

The thing with blogging is when it is a daily thing, you do it daily and it is habit. Once you stop, it's harder to start.

A quick run down of the news here:

1) Theo has regained all his weight and remains healthy. Indigo, and surprisingly, LUCY, are overweight, so Lucy is no longer on the kitten food and both the Tonks are on a controlled (supplemented for Lucy) diet after getting the OK from my vet. The aim is for Lucy to stay the same-ish weight for a bit, while she grows into it, and for Inds to lose some. But...

2) Indigo is calling, so am considering my options here, it is a little earlier than I had anticipated. Inds generally loses weight through the pregnancy, birth and nursing process, but t's a tricky one because she had that interrupted labour last time and being overweight does increase the risk of birth issues. It's likely to be her last litter, and to be honest I am in two minds about neutering her now because...

3) The govt is in the early stages of consultation for new legislation which will make it extremely difficult for small breeders like me to remain breeding. It is based heavily on dog- breeding, which doesn't translate so well to what happens with cats. With proposed fees for inspections, licenses and so on, plus a limit of three litters per queen (the expectation being that you then rehome them) there is no way I will be able to compete with larger operations. Nor will I want to. The day of the small hobby breeder is numbered, perhaps?

Anyway will go more into those at some point once I've had a proper think.  Hope you are all well, and thank you S.S for the kick up the bottom to actually post!


  1. Hello! Your cats are beautiful! I too am a cat lover and have 4 babies of my own. I have a question about about something I am experiencing. Last month I noticed my cat had scratched the side of her face so I kept her in a cone until it healed. Once I took the cone off however, she scratched her head open again(now, sadly she's back in the cone). I was on the Internet trying to find out what it might be and stumbled across your similar experience with Indigo and fleas. I haven't treated my cats for fleas because they're indoor and I've never had problems with fleas and my cats in the past. Also, I've heard horror stories about cats having terrible reactions to flea medications; long lasting side effects and sometimes...death. I was just wondering how you finally discovered she had fleas and what product you used to treat her with? If you could reply to this comment I would be very thankful! :)

  2. Hiya, I am sorry I only just saw this, but I will answer anyway on the off chance! When Inds was in the comfy collar it was because of a reaction to 'something'- still unknown- in her food, when I switched foods it finally cleared up. We had been using Royal Canin Exegient, and we switched to James Wellbeloved on the advice of a fellow breeder. Some months later she developed some lumps on her head in a different place/way which turned out to be a flea bite allergy and nothing to do with the earlier issue. Indigo just likes to be complicated! I have never ever seen a flea on Indigo, but when I see the lumps they all get treated, it's actually a great early warning sign! This year was apparently awful for fleas, EVERYONE has had them, even indoor cats who have never had them before, according to my vet, so don't feel bad. We had them, They come in on Theo, who goes outside, or possibly on my clothes from the allotment... I don't rate flea collars, and I have heard bad things about Bob Martins, so never use that. I use Frontline or Advantage which are both good brands. Never use anything containing permethrin on cats as this is highly toxic- some brands marketed for dogs contain this, although I wouldn't use it on dogs either! I would be looking at food intolerances though, I was at my wits end with Inds, it went on for months and changing her food was the only thing that cleared it up.