Thursday, 26 September 2013


Ava, washing off the vet-stink

Well I was back at the vets today, this time with Ava and Sofia for their boosters. A couple of months late- oops, but within the 15 months they recommend the max to be. Whilst at the vet I confessed my utter failure yesterday administering the Panacur. The vet just laughed and sold me some Milbemax instead... PILLS!!!! Praise be! Twice the price but worth every penny. The Panacur won't be wasted, I've used it on my kittens before. They don't protest as much as the adults do!

Have I mentioned I love my vet? I love my vet!!!

She even did Ava and Sofia then and there, so all I need to do is give Theo and Inds a pill each and then do Theo's three times a day liquid. He took it well this morning, and by well I mean at least half of it went where it should have gone and I didn't have to change my top, which is an improvement on yesterday.

Ava and Sofia were also weighed, it being 13-14 months since the last. Good results both, Ava has put on about 200g and Sofia lost the same amount. Ava is still slinky at 7.3lbs and Sofia still a bit tubby at 9.13lbs (yes I know I'm mixing my lbs and kg...) but neither are worrisome now. Very pleased!

Indigo still isn't calling... come on girl, I want my babies!

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