Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Well. Gosh. It has been a long time since I posted last hasn't it? Sorry about that!

The big news is that Indigo has been doing this:

Take me! Take me nooowwwwww!

and screeching and rolling and flirting and piddling everywhere for the past week and a half. She's stopped now, so we're waiting for her to start again so I can take her off to stud! Hurrah!

Poor Theo. For the past week he's had Indigo's bottom thrust at him. He's given the obligatory sniff, licked her head and then padded off in a confused but amiable fashion, whereupon Indigo chases him and repeats the procedure! Theo's neutered, but clearly this hasn't deterred Indigo.

When on heat she barely sleeps (nor do I, she is LOUD) so today she's tired and tetchy. There's been hisses and snarls aplenty today at poor Sofia, who can't understand why she's gone back to being antagonistic after a week of flirting.

Other than that all is normal (lol) here at Indikon. Theo still goes out a lot, but mostly within calling distance. He comes with me to hang the clothes on the line and to garden, and it's really rather nice having an outdoor cat. Indoors would still be my choice but Theo is happier now and has almost totally stopped spraying. Next stop is a cat flap, as I'm up and down all day opening doors for him!

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