Sunday, 8 September 2013


Theo wonders whether Indigo has ever heard of personal space, as she takes up three quarters of the bed he was previously occupying quite happily. Hint, Theo, she hasn't. She tried to sleep on my face earlier.

Oh, that's an old freezer drawer, by the way. My cats are deprived you see, and they don't have any comfy beds, or toys, or good food or... yes well, my cats will kip anywhere. That drawer is on my desk, so is a prime piece of real estate and there's usually someone occupying it. The only cat who doesn't go for it much is Sofia, and that's because when she wants to sleep she wants to SLEEP thankyouverymuch, not be constantly woken up by strokes, chin rubs and head scratches.
(I can't resist. That trilling sound they make when they wake? Best sound ever.)
Have a lovely week!

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