Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Theo today

Believe it or not, he's actually looking a hundred times better than yesterday. He's still a bit of a mess though isn't he??

The meds to quell the nausea/ stop the vomiting have done the trick, he's been eating and drinking and it's staying put. The stuff to soften the bowels was also EXTREMELY effective at around nine o'clock last night... my goodness me was it. Hm. He hated taking it, and his fur is all clumped and matted where he resisted it with everything he had, but it worked. poor Theo!

anyway he's much more comfy now, and is sleeping curled up and peaceful instead of in a poorly, exhausted crouch. Hurrah!

Not so hurrah is administering the meds. This morning more went over me/ up the wall/ all over the floor than actually in his mouth! An improvement in technique is sorely needed I suspect!

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