Friday, 27 July 2012


I like small children, but I couldn't eat a whole one...

Ugh! It's been a dull, hot, heavy, oppressive day today. I wish it would just storm and get it over with.

We had some small guests round earlier, boys of six and four and their almost one year old sister. Baby G was particularly taken with Indigo, crawling after her enthusiastically. Indigo wasn't so keen. She didn't seem to be able to reconcile her need to poke her nose into EVERYthing to her obvious wish to retreat to a dark cormer somewhere (of which she had plenty available). So she'd approach the baby to look at her, then back off in alarm when G laughed and moved towards her. Eventually she sat in a cardboard box on the dining table, ears and eyes poked over the top, snoopervising.

Theo socialised for about half an hour, before retiring to the bedroom, where the other two were, to snooze for the rest of the visit!

I still haven't decided what to do kitten wise this year. The teenager is all for more kittens, as soon as possible, naturally!

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