Monday, 2 July 2012

Missing Them

Well the kitchen is being done, and several small snags mean that I haven't been able to bring the cats home yet. Indigo and Theo are enjoying an extended stay in the cattery, whilst Ava and Sofia are at my mother's.

And I want to bring them all home again! But you know, all the drilling and noise and mess... they'd hate it, and it's much better for them to be having a holiday elsewhere. But I'll still be happier when they are home again!

Apparently Inds and Theo are fine. They have a very comfy pen with an inside bit with comfy beds and another inside bit but with more fresh air and a bench, lots of toys etc. They are allowed to stalk up the corridoors every day which they do with great delight and a small amount of hissing at the other cats in their pens on Indigo's part (who give as good as they get I am sure) and Theo just stalks around swishing his floofy tail.

At my mother's, Sofia has surprised me by scarcely coming out from under the bed! I've had to move all the litter, food and water upstairs because she's not come out. Ava, on the other hand, my nervous, scaredy Ava, is right at home. Funny cats.

Shouldn't be too much longer. But that's why there are no posts... there are no cats here to post ABOUT.

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  1. You've done the right thing, I wish I'd put Al in a cattery when we had our work done, I'm sure the stress contributed to his illness.