Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Oh Indigo!

Indigo refuses to acknowledge this slur on her character...

Ahem! Well Indigo and Theo have been to the vet and been jabbed, and are both sleeping off their ordeal indignantly. I am the recipient of frequent dirty looks from both of them. Oh well!

Indigo has a few nasty surprises coming. When she was weighed... oh crikey... well I knew she'd put on weight. What I didn't know was quite how much. She was just over 8lbs at last weigh in- a normal weight. This time? Nearly 11 of them...

Oops... people keep asking me if she's expecting, and she looks like she is too, with it all around her middle. Can't be healthy can it.

So it's diet time for Madam, her crunchies will be carefully monitored, wet food is off the menu and as for treats, they are strictly forbidden. No more Temptations for you, Miss Indigo- not until you've lost some of that middle!

Tonight will be interesting- she gets a treat before bed, basically my way of getting her to stay in the living room so I can shut the door and let the girls out. I am expecting tears before bedtime, (mine, probably) and Indigo can howl VERY loudly when she chooses to...

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  1. Nimbus the tabby sympathises. He was getting a bit porky. He has the odd treat still but its freeze dried chicken instead of cheese and ham! I know.. but its so hard when they give you the big eyes isn't it?
    She still had a lovely profile tho.