Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Weighty Issue

Continuing on the weight theme today. I took the other two to the vet just now. Ava has lost some weight, unfortunately. This time last year she was 7.3lbs. Now she's 6.6lbs. Thing is, she looks like quite a pudgy puss doesn't she? It's all floof. She could do with being another pound or so heavier in actual fact.

Ava is a middle sized cat, she ought to weigh about 7-9 lbs. (more for a male) So she's less than would be considered normal, but she's been as little as five, and for a cat her size that is very little indeed- her same sized sister is nearly twice that. And we know about Indigo. At 5lbs, she was literally skin and bone, and I was very very worried about her. That was a long time ago, but even so...

It's not time to worry yet. But I do have to keep a special eye on her, and take her back in six weeks or so.

Sofia is still overweight, but stable, at 9.7 pounds she's overweight but not to the point Indigo has managed it, and more importantly she was almost exactly the same as she was this time last year, she isn't fluctuating at all. I can live with that. Yes she's overweight, but not by a lot, and given she shares her food supply with her skinnymalinky sister I'd be reluctant to rock the boat in case Ava stopped eating.

Why are all my cats so awkward??? Theo is my only normal sized cat. He eats when he is hungry, doesn't when he is not, and maintains a stable, healthy weight. *rolls eyes*

Oh well, I suppose in the wild, Ava would have died young as a result of her bout of rodent ulcers when she was younger, and Indigo and Sofia would be thin enough through repeated litters. It's an unnatural life this indoor one, for all its good aspects.

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