Monday, 4 June 2012

Lottie and Lola at 6 months

Lottie (with Lola's foot)- blue solid- apparently.

Lola- blue mink

And sooooo adorable!

Remember I swithered over whether  Lottie was a mink or a solid for ages, before deciding, and registering her as, a solid? Or it felt like ages anyway. Well you can see in the above pictures that the contrast between Lola's points and body is much more than Lottie's now. And in the picture below you can see the difference in eye colour too, Lola's are a light greeny-aqua, Lottie's green-gold just like her Mama's.

Must say though Lottie is looking far more like a lilac solid than a blue... she's looking like Indigo. And Jonah. What do you think? Thank heavens I always warn my customers how terrible I am at colouring kittens! Anyway, she doesn't look a bit like Jacob, my definitely- no- doubt- about- it blue solid (and I think I agonised at the time that Lottie didn't look a bit like Jacob... should have known shouldn't I? *rolls eyes*)

I love how regal looking the Tonkinese are. Such beautiful girls- many thanks to their family for sharing!

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  1. They are just so gorgeous! The variations in Tonk colouring is just amazing and it must be addictive to want to collect them all.. but very straining on your sanity!

    At coming up to 5 months Mojo is entering a very naughty stage of climbing everything and ignoring us when we tell him off, but I know its just a phase (puberty I guess!) cos my other cats have been through it too. At the end of the day they are just so cuddly, and I bet these girls love a cuddle as much as Mojo does.